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Full text of "History Of Ancient India"

{\rtf1\ansi {\colortbl;\red0\green0\blue0;\red0\green0\blue255;\red0\green255\blue255;\red0\green255\blue0;\red255\green0\blue255;\red255\green0\blue0;\red255\green255\blue0;\red255\green255\blue255;}{\fonttbl{\f0\froman\cpg0\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}{\f1\fswiss\cpg0\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f2\froman\cpg1252\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}{\f3\fswiss\cpg1252\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f4\froman\cpg1251\fcharset204 Times New Roman;}{\f5\fswiss\cpg1251\fcharset204 Arial;}{\f6\froman\cpg1250\fcharset238 Times New Roman;}{\f7\fswiss\cpg1250\fcharset238 Arial;}{\f8\froman\cpg1257\fcharset186 Times New Roman;}{\f9\fswiss\cpg1257\fcharset186 Arial;}{\f10\froman\cpg1254\fcharset162 Times New Roman;}{\f11\fswiss\cpg1254\fcharset162 Arial;}{\f12\froman\cpg1253\fcharset161 Times New Roman;}{\f13\fswiss\cpg1253\fcharset161 Arial;}{\f14\froman\cpg1255\fcharset177 Times New Roman;}{\f15\fswiss\cpg1255\fcharset177 Arial;}}{\stylesheet {\sbasedon222\f2\fs20 Normal;}}\paperw12240\paperh15840\margl3109\margr3116\margt1440\margb720 \sectd \sbknone\pgwsxn12240\pghsxn15840\marglsxn3109\margrsxn3116\margtsxn1440\margbsxn720\cols1\colsx60 \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li101\fi0\ri0\sb0\sa0\tx1739 \f2\fs20{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw60\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs22 i"{\charscalex100\expndtw0\tab }\expndtw-5 TAXILA AND ABHISARA}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li76\fi0\ri108\sb216\sa0\sl-238\slmult0 \f2\fs20{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw1\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs25 feuds and jealousies, in which some of them found their \expndtw0 opportunity for seeking alliance with an alien aggressor. \expndtw3 Indeed, the gates of India were, so to say, unbarred, by \expndtw1 the Raja of Taxila, who lost no time in proffering alle\-\expndtw5 giance to Alexander, and who also rendered eve\loch\af0\hich\af0\dbch\f2\cchs0 \'b1\hich\af0\dbch\af2\loch\f0\cchs0 y \expndtw8 assistance to the advance body of the Macedonians \expndtw5 under Perdiccas in. bridging the Indus and in securing \expndtw3 the submission of the tribes and chieftains, like Astes \expndtw1 (Hasti or Astakaraja P),\super 1\nosupersub  whose territories lay on tlieir \expndtw0 route.}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li130\fi0\ri0\sb230\sa0 \f2\fs20{\b0\i\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw7\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs23 Taxila and Abhisdra}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qr\li0\fi0\ri54\sb158\sa0\sl-238\slmult0 \f2\fs20{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw4\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs25 About the beginning of the spring of 326 B.C. after \expndtw5 offering the customary sacrifices and allowing his tited \expndtw13 troops a  short respite, Alexander crossed the Indus \expndtw2 safely somewhere near Oliind (modern Und, a few miles \expndtw5 above Attock), and was welcomed at Taxila by Omphis or Ambhi,\super 2\nosupersub  son of the deceased Taxiles, with rich   and attractive \loch\af0\hich\af0\dbch\f2\cchs0 \'95\hich\af0\dbch\af2\loch\f0\cchs0  presents consisting of silver and sheep   and \expndtw7 oxen of a good breed.\super 3\nosupersub    Gratified at these gifts, Alex\-\expndtw4 ander returned them, adding his own, and thus won. not \expndtw5 only the loyalty of the ruler of Taxila but also a contin\-\expndtw2 gent of 5,000 soldiers from him.\super 4\nosupersub    Similarly, Abhisares, \expndtw14 the astute king of Abhisara (Poonch and Nowstteta \i\expndtw0 j \i0 districts), and other neighbouring princes, like Doxaires\super 5\nosupersub , \expndtw5 surrendered to Alexander of their own accord, thinking \expndtw-1 that resistance would be of no avail.\super 6}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li205\fi371\ri25\sb248\sa0\sl-187\slmult0 \f2\fs20{\b0\i0\super\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw7\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs20 1\nosupersub  The capital of Astes was stormed by Hephaestion in thirty \expndtw5 days, and his principality was given to one Sang-gaios (Skt. San-\expndtw1 jaya)\loch\af0\hich\af0\dbch\f2\cchs0 \'97\hich\af0\dbch\af2\loch\f0\cchs0 Arrian, IV, 22, \i Ibid., \i0 p. 60.}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li713\fi-122\ri0\sb18\sa0\sl-202\slmult0 \f2\fs20{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw-1\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs20 * Sylvaia Levi, \i Journal Asiatique, \i0 1890, p, 234. \expndtw6 Arnan, V, 3, M'crindle's \i Invasion by Alexander, \i0 p. 83;   Cur-}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li230\fi0\ri0\sb0\sa0 \f2\fs20{\b\i0\cf1\charscalex136\expndtw3\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs13 tlUS, VHI,   12, \i Ibid., \i0 p.  202.}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li619\fi0\ri3240\sb29\sa0\sl-176\slmult0 \f2\fs20{\b0\i0\super\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw1\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs20 4\nosupersub Arrian, V, 8, \i Ibid., p. \i0 93. \i\super\charscalex89\expndtw7 6\nosupersub  Ibid., \i0 p. 92.}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li245\fi367\ri0\sb65\sa0\sl-184\slmult0 \f2\fs20{\b0\i0\super\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw3\f2\cchs0\lang1033\fs21 6\nosupersub .\super Dlodoros\nosupersub  would, however, have us believe that Emblsaros \expndtw6 (Abnisares) had made an alliance with Poros and was preparing}\par }